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🔥Introduce different types of Table Saw

Table saws are very useful in a number of different situations. No tool can provide long, clean and precise cuts like table saws do. Whether you are a fresher or an expert – table saw is must for your workshop.

Choosing the most appropriate table saw for you would be challenging. Different kinds of table saws are there that possess different properties and prices. A right type of table saw should be picked depending upon the right kind of work. Here are the different types of sable saws that you should be needing for your workshop.


The Portable Table Saw

These table saws can be easily lifted and transported from place to place. They are also quite lightweight, which makes them useful if you work at job sites and need to change the location of the saw often. While these features are certainly beneficial, you will have to sacrifice stability in return for the decrease in weight. On the other hand, their performance is similar to other saws. The horsepower tends to be lower, and it can be noisier as well. Generally, these saws are constructed from aluminum instead of cast iron.

Portable saws are small, which increases their maneuverability even further. The noisiness of table saws makes them difficult to use in home situations. Instead, they are better suited for on-site work. At the same time, the quality of the cuts provided by such saws is rarely high enough. You need to spend more time making the cuts as well. It is best to use these saws only when mobility is a necessity.


Contractor Table Saw

Even though these saws are portable, they are not too light. They tend to be costlier than portable saws, which make them more suitable to a professional rather than an amateur. It is possible to convert them for advanced applications by changing the blade. Professionals can easily use these saws for special cuts. While these saws can handle most materials easily, you will find it difficult to cut through thicker ones.


Cabinet Table Saw

These saws are meant for professionals. Due to the enclosed shape of the base, these table saws look similar to cabinets. Cast iron and steel are liberally used in the construction of these saws. The motors used in these saws tend to be more powerful. The gears are heavier as well. These features allow the saws to cut through tougher materials smoothly without any issues or errors. The cabinet causes the motor to be less noisy while improving the dust collection at the same time. However, such saws are difficult to move around due to their greater weight. The typical weight for these saws is around 600 pounds or more.


Hybrid Table Saw

Such saws are a combination of the contractor saw and the cabinet saw. The primary purpose of these saws is to ensure that the best facets of both types of saws are present. The cabinet ensures a lower noise output of the motor. They tend to have more advanced drive belt systems, along with better sets of gears.

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Different kinds of table saws are there that possess different properties and prices. A right type of table saw should be picked depending upon.
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